Our company has established in 2009. Our business activities are textile auxiliary chemicals and paints.Textile auxiliary chemicals were began to produced in 2011 in industrial zone. Our dealer of paints is MEGHMANI DYES AND INTERMEDATES COMPANY which is indian company.Now, we furnish services to Aegean Region and on a small scale to Çorlu.


  • Wetting and degreaser
  • Sequestering and stabilizer
  • Anticreasing
  • Combined bleaching agents

Enzymes and Washer

  • Antiperoksit and antipilling enzymes
  • Desizing and stone wash enzymes
  • Washing soap

Dyeing and Printing

  • Disperator and egalizator
  • Fixator and kerier
  • Alkalis and buffering
  • Paw print emulsifier
  • Defoamers

APRE (Finishing)

  • Macro and micro silicons
  • Nano and hydrophilic silicons
  • Cationic and nanyonic softeners
  • Sequin softeners
  • Materials that provides sewing ease




It has developed technical facilities and equipments and modern laboratory at World standards .Because of this,it achieves the most true results at all steps of production periods by testing developed spectrometers

All raw materials that are supplied are checked closely.All need analyses are done,and provided to achieve absolute last products.


İber chemicals’ first antecedence is customer satisfaction,so it gives maximum importance to research and development activities.

It can produce materials with special spects according to customers’ diffirent needs.


It attends to deliver products on time.

It keeps sufficient stock at all produced products.


All necessary supports are provided to customers

It acts in accordance with responsibilty consciousness about enviroment.


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